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16 Gennaio 2015

The Desilla SpA , to complete its range of winemakers realized during his forty years of experience , has developed a new system called vinification VASC ( Winemaker Automatic Submerging Hat ) , a technological system of winemaking flexible enough to be suitable for the production of red wines is of great wines for aging .  The idea is borrowed from systems of traditional winemaking popular for centuries in Italy and in France .


The V.A.S.C. is , in summary , a fermenter with flat bottom of skirt freestanding (or frusto-conical bottom of the foot ) made ​​of stainless steel , with a collection tank wort obtained from a separation baffle at the top of the cylinder , filled by means of a pump replacement of centrifugal and connected to the rest of the tank by a special valve of large diameter which allows the alluvium cascade of marc

cascata 3d

The quantity of must that accumulates in the upper tank is made to fall on the underside , through the opening of the valve , with a cascade that breaks through the cap of marc , the center and laterally so as to obtain the homogenization temperature of the fermenting mass , in addition to facilitate oxygenation . The waterfall ( always oriented to the center and at the edges ) is specially designed and adapted to the diameter of the tank , to ensure an effective application in every break of the cap of marc ; This allows you to get a result of efficiency and quality is not comparable to any other system of winemaking .  In this way you get a selective extraction of tannins , perfumes, polyphenols and anthocyanins , accompanied by an excellent color intensity is stable over time . E ‘ can be programmed appropriately the intensity and frequency of replacements (for 24 hours a day ) by programming any type of vinification , for any type of red grapes . Through this process the skins become soft and permeable , they prevent the formation of dangerous pools of must and make easier the steps of drawing off and evacuation of marc entrusted to our. more than proven system of mechanical extraction by means of a rotating blade and a door sash opening graduale.vasc02 The temperature control of the fermenting must be entrusted to a pocket mail exchange on the plating tank and is operated by the thermostat inserted in the control panel .

This thermostat , by detecting the temperature inside the tank , allows to control and program , either automatically or manually , the temperature and adapt to different needs.  All the above operations are entrusted to the management of a remote control panel of small size that allows it to be mounted in the most convenient operator to cellar . The framework sets the frequency and duration of the cycles of winemaking either automatically or manually intervening as needed .  It also enables the programming of the temperature control both during the making process during the following storage phase .  E ‘ can also command the extractor and any augers installed, used in the emptying phase . A lower starting time of fermentation and a reduction of the times of vinification allow to obtain a reduced formation of scum and volatile acid , facilitate the extraction and fixing of color, fragrances and aromas obtaining a cleaner and healthier wine : it ensures therefore a result product qualitamente better .





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