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16 Gennaio 2015

The upper part of the machine consists of a loading hopper with perforated cradle that receives the grapes , the must sgronda immediately present, and conveys it towards the section of diraspatura.diraspa04  The latter is constituted by a hollow cylinder of circular section , and drawn holes , inside which rotates a beater shaft with a numerous series of arms to the ends of which are assembled some special rubber blades food appropriately shaped in order to destem in a delicate .  The perforated cylinder rotates in the same sense of the batter but at a lower speed , thereby reducing the relative speed of the beater itself. With the machine set in version diraspapigia , the berries after having passed through the holes of the cylinder , are conveyed into the underlying section of the pressing section constituted by rollers with stellar large size food rubber which rotate at low speed.  The crushed grapes are finally fed into the pump with the machine .  The distance between the rows of rollers can be varied according to the type of pressing, which is to be performed.  The machine can be equipped with an automatic washing device .

THE 5  OPERATIONS THAT THE MACHINE CAN ‘ MAKE : Stemmer-crushing :  The grapes are de-stemmed and only the grapes are crushed and fed into the pump . PRESSING:  The whole grape crushers passes through the rollers before being fed into the pump . * sgranellatura :  The grapes are de-stemmed and the grain still complete passes in the pump . * PUMPING OF GRAPES WHOLE :  The whole grape is piped directly into the pump . INTEGRATED SYSTEM :  Thanks to the system of doors , a part of the grape can be stemmed and crushed and a part can be conveyed to the entire roller .


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