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Horizontal rotary fermenter

orizz02The De Silla – rotary fermenter is a special machine Which has beeb designed for producing quality wine .

Manufactured in various models the rotary fermenter can be used whether as fermenter for traditional red wine vinification or for carbonic maceration or , upon adeguate equipement , for cryo-maceration. Special features of the De Silla – rotary fermenter :

-Solidity and sturdiness of the structure.

-Easiness in the programming of different processes.

-Easiness to work with.

-High versatility , allowing various utilisations during the year.vor02

-Automatic disharge.

-Temperature control.

-Very delicate handling of the products.

Its special construction allows :

-Very short extraction times ( about 40 % ).

-Higher extract which gives more fullness am more body to the wine.vor03

-Almost no production of dreg.

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